As a man who wears many hats, Jürgen has a diverse portfolio to showcase that. 




Writing for all kinds of genres and ensembles. From a small band to a fully fletched orchestra. From Pop to Classical. Everything is fun.

The most recent project is an AMAZON mini series called "THE GRYPHON".

A dark fantasy story in 6 parts. The music was composed in collaboration with a good friend of mine.

The stream is online since the end of May 2023.

COMPOSITION FOR FLUTE AND ORCHESTRA, finished in 2019 wich has premiered on November 1st at ZIPPER HALL in downtown Los Angeles.

The composition is dedicated to Sheridon Stokes, a Hollywood flute legend. Unfortunately he passed away on 4th of July 2022.  Check out his credentials.

The orchestra was conducted by Angel Velez, an amazing LA based conductor.

Here's an INTERVIEW I did with VoyageLA.

Conducting and writing for my own big band - ALL ABOUT JAZZ


Whatever makes sense being played by a big band. We play it.



Creating sound collages for all kind of TV productions. From feature films to short animated movies, commercials to art movies.

Working on a "Tatort" production at the moment. "Tatort" is a famous crime series on German television.

Always intense yet still a lot of fun.



Playing and performing with different bands.


A collaboration with Sam Stokes writing, producing and performing original music in the style of Folk-Pop.